Carlo Ancelotti would be the wrong choice for Arsenal

Arsenal is without a manager after sacking Unai Emery and  Carlo Ancelotti, 60, has emerged as a candidate to join the Gunners.

Carlo Ancelotti would be the wrong choice for Arsenal

On paper, Ancelotti is a perfect manager for Arsenal, He has won major trophies with Milan, Real Madrid, Chelsea and PSG, He knows premier League and he is available for the job because he has been sacked by Napoli.

I see a lot of Arsenal fans online who would love the club to appoint Mr. Carlo Ancelotti as Arsenal permanent manager and for the reason above I can see why they see that way.

For me, he is the right man the Arsenal job and below I am going to give you my reasons why Arsenal should never appoint him.

He never had to build a team.

But if you look deep in his previous clubs, he really had a job to rebuild a team from the ground, you see what I mean, at Milan, he inherited a great side that needed few tweaks to become on of the Europe best, He was under the same circumstances when he went to Chelsea and won the premier league, the same thing happened at PSG and Real Madrid.

This is not to knock him down and stating that he is not a great manager, he is but this is not Arsenal football club needs right now.

On the contrary, Arsenal needs a huge rebuild, we need a manager with a proven record to rebuild or a new upcoming manager who can shape Arsenal’s future with new ideas and a style of play and Ancelotti is not that man.

Questionable training methods.

One of the Carlo Ancelotti failures is when he was Bayern Munich manager, there are many reports that he used to give his players a lot of free time, doing small routines in the training ground as it reached a point that some senior players at Bayern Munich had to conduct extra training sessions behind his back.

If he does that at Arsenal he will never succeed, Arsenal has a lot of football stars who are overpaid and lazy if given a chance they will skip training sessions and I don´t think that in this current Arsenal squad there are leaders who will arrange extra training sessions to impose fitness on the squad.

He is not for long term

I am not against being old, but the guy is 60, with a lot of experience it is very difficult for him to change, Arsenal needs a young vibrant manager who can inject energy and enthusiasm in the squad and also it may take a long time to rebuild this great football club.

Apart from Milan, I do not remember the time when Carlo Ancelotti stayed more than two seasons at the same club and It will take a huge effort and more than two seasons for Arsenal to start challenging for major titles again.

For those reasons, I think appointing Mr. Carlo Ancelotti as Arsenal permanent manager would be a wrong move for the Arsenal.




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