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I started this blog years ago, to be exactly 3 years but somehow I lost control of it, this is due to the fact that at the time I lost it I was very busy and I forgot to renew the domain name.

Now I got the control of We Love Arsenal Blog, I will start posting regular content on this blog and hopefully, you will be able to enjoy it.

Also, I would like to thank some of you who encouraged me to take back the ownership of this blog, my promise to you is that I will do everything on my power not post regular content again and keep writing about our beloved Arsenal.

Thank you very much and enjoy your reading.

Freddie Ljungberg: The Beggining of New Era

It is a new beginning at Arsenal, Unai Emery is gone and Freddie Ljungberg is the man in charge on an interim basis.

While we are waiting for the club to appoint a new permanent head, there is new hope among Arsenal fans around the world.

Freddie Ljungberg: The Beggining of New Era

After drawing 2-2 against Norwich City last Sunday, Freddie will have his home debut as Arsenal manager this Thursday.

Our next game against Brighton comes up on Thursday and I believe that  Arsenal winning that game with a big goal margin. I seriously feel we get our groove back against Brighton and we will be doing so in a grand style.

I seriously feel Ljungberg will do well as coach of Arsenal; he has played and coached at Arsenal, at various times in the past and he should feel well at home with his ex-teammate, being the director of football at Arsenal. Edu and Ljungberg played together at one stage of their careers.

Arsenal did well in my opinion, for allowing two former Arsenal players to coach the team for while; this will give us an idea of how it will be if ex-players are given the job on a permanent basis. With what Zidane did at Madrid, and with what Lampard is doing at Chelsea, Arsenal fans should look into the future with so much optimism, with big Freddie as the coach.

On Thursday, let every Arsenal player and coach approach the game against Brighton with all the zeal and motivation they can get.

Let every Arsenal player do everything to show the fans that they are proud of the jersey they put on, every match day. The coaches should come out blazing and hot with their tactics and team formation. Arsenal is our club and as fans, we must all come out on Thursday to support the team to victory.

The team needs us more than ever at this critical point of our season and we should not turn them down.

The last game Ljungberg just had one session with all the players and I think after a few sessions he should have a better idea of how he wants his team to play.

I do not think he will be able to fix Arsenal problems in one week but I have faith in Freddie Ljungberg and I think Arsenal will win by three goals or more.

Come On You Gunners.