5 Things Than Mikel Arteta Need To Do In Order To Improve Arsenal

As we all know that Arsenal are on verge of appointing former captain Mikel Arteta as a new head coach and here are five things that he needs to do in order to improve Arsenal.

5 Things Than Mikel Arteta Need To Do In Order To Improve Arsenal

Define Arsenal Identity

One thing that was frustrating me during Unai Emery era was the lack of identity, it was very hard to understand what he wanted his team to be.

Arteta will need to solve this and build a team with an identity, he needs to define if he wants Arsenal to play attacking team, pressing team, defending team, just give the team identity and let us move on.

Clear Out

This team has been underperforming for a long time, he will need to do a massive overhaul if he needs to be successful, there are many players in this team that are overpaid and underdelivering.

Unite fan base

This is the most difficult one, Arsenal fan base is the worst , composed with a lot of entitled fan base but I will expect him to try to unite this divided fan base, getting results and playing a good style of football can be the easiest way to achieve.

Improve the defense

In my humble opinion Arsenal defense is not as bad as many people think it is, I think the main problem with Arsenal defense is the lack of shape at the middle of the pack, most of our midfielders they don’t play with discipline and that causes them to lose balls in the dangerous area and most of the time the ball finds our defenders unprepared.

By tweaking the midfielder and finding a right combination of defenders can improve this goal leaking defense.

Give youth a chance

Arsenal has many good young players, Guendouzi, Willock, Nelson, Martinelli, Saka among others, I will expect any manager of Arsenal football club to give youth the chance.

I know there are a lot of things to lose at the arsenal at this moment and time but still, I would hope he will give them minutes in many games as possible since even our so-called star players are not consistent enough.

That is it those are five things that Mikel Arteta needs to do in order to improve Arsenal

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