It’s OFFICIAL! Football is coming back!

Most of the leagues were suspended due to the Coronavirus outbreak but the good news is that football is coming back.

⚡️ It's OFFICIAL! Football is coming back! ⚡️

The Bundesliga in Germany is set to become Europe’s first major football league to resume playing during the coronavirus pandemic, with a restart confirmed for this month, it was announced on Wednesday. The earliest possible return date is May 15, with a May 22 start also considered.

Leading sports leagues around the globe have been shut down over the last month-plus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the disease hitting its peak, or passing it, in some countries, the potential for sports to return is high.

Premier League will have a meeting on Monday to determine when and if the premier league should come back.

We do not know for sure what will be decided but I am hearing that clubs will have to vote for the decision of when and if the season should restart.

In Spain, many teams have started training and it is expected that la Liga will announce soon the date when the league will start that.

It is good news that football is coming back but I still think it only should be back when it is safe to do that, we do not need to rush it and have an outbreak and stop the league again.


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